Launch of our biggest batteries yet - UNO Batteries!

Welcome UNO, our biggest battery to date (48v/90Ah)! Made for Golf carts, Utility EV's and Boating. Basically any 48 Volt system. We believe your game should be simple, powerful, dependable and clean! We created UNO Batteries to make this belief a reality.

UNO Batteries is an offshoot of Titan Batteries USA a battery company building lithium ion batteries since 2015, so we have the history and the experience to deliver on our vision and on our promise. From (hobby)flight, Airsoft, LaserTag now into Golf and Boating. We are really exited and are looking forward to 2023!

We added a few extra games, and are always happy to power yours!  #PowerYourGame


Key features of our UNO Batteries;

  • Drop-in ready & conveniently portable.
  • Super compact & ultra high energy density! (255mm x 172mm x 286mm, less than 22kg, 4,66 kWh)
  • High performance output; 100A constant - 200A 2 minutes - 500A inrush.
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with mobile app (Android & iOS); adding next generation features and monitoring.
  • Advanced in-house developed Battery Management System (BMS) to manage and protect your battery.
  • Made in the USA with 10 years warranty!

UNO is a single battery out of the highest quality lithium ion cells, developing our own advanced Battery Management System (BMS) and designing an indestructible modern and sleek case. Perfect quality is achieved through being completely built in-house at our headquarters in Pocatello, Idaho USA.

Gone are the days of frequent maintenance or your batteries die, bland lead blocks leaking acid all over your car or within your boat, and walking speed slow acceleration...

UNO is less than 22 Kg (48 lbs) per pack giving you rapid acceleration and constant power, with zero maintenance and Bluetooth 5.0 connection you can focus on enjoying the ride!

All information and products can be found here;

For the UNO Batteries brand website, please visit

  • Jan 01, 2023
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