Airsoft T-Plugs getting more popular

Titan has been proud partner and early adopter of the Airsoft T-Plug initiative. All our batteries are sold from the factory in both small Tamiya and with Airsoft T-Plugs (Deans). We promote usage of the T-Plugs for all players, simply because it's a better connector! Better in ways of durability, efficiency, size, less resistance, more performance etc.

The initiative started short after IWA 2019, meanwhile we have some interesting statistics to share! That for the first time ever, Titan Power sold more Airsoft T-Plugs than Tamiya globally. T-Plugs are sold 18% more compare to mini tamiya, since the Version 7 launch at Shot Show (early januari 2020). 

Last year Airsoft T-Plugs was 37% of USA production, this year the T-Plug is 54% of our USA production! 

We are exited and happy to see the switch is happening, actually faster then we expected. A really great improvement for the Airsoft community and we are happy we could contribute to it. Besides, we also asked our Instagram fans, did you know already 80% of them already switched!? That's awesome!

Support the initiative by signing the petition, together we keep pushing!

  • Jun 15, 2020
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