Collaboration with Umbrella Armory!

We are proud to announce a collaboration with Umbrella Armory; two industry partners join forces and keep pushing the boundaries of performance in the Airsoft Industry. Titan made our ultimate battery available, the 6000mAh 11.1v Crane Nunchuck T-Plug (Deans). Umbrella's Armory takes care of their mastery on the AEG part, to make it the ultimate combination. This battery setup fits perfect in a Krytac Stock or PTS EPS Stock for example. A players dream comes true! Read all the details below...

Titan x UA Battery package

Umbrella Armory: "Our pursuit of pushing the performance of AEGs and overall improvement of user experience led us to work with Titan Power. Offering extensive feedback and testing, this battery was specifically designed to outperform the current Li-Po batteries we include with our High performance AEGs. From our testing, while we did notice a slight decrease in current, the overall cycle time in both semi and full automatic is improved. All while having three times the capacity, in a relatively similar form factor."

Test results
Umbrella Armory offered extensive feedback and testing on this battery. Based on the test bench AEG the OCAW MK11 (SSG). And we are just getting started, we committed to push performance further on the next versions to come. Please see the test results below:

Titan and Umbrella Armory Testing

About Umbrella Armory
Umbrella Armory LLC is the workshop of master Airsoft Technicians and Engineers dedicated towards delivering the best. Our goal is to continue introducing high end products and upgrades, with professional assurance to Airsofters around the world craving more and wanting the best. Established in 2013. 

Umbrella Armory is founded by Airsoft players and inspired by the seasoned guidance of members within the Airsoft teching community around the world. From the humble beginnings in the garage, to having our products being purchased worldwide, seen by millions online, and collaborating with the larger Airsoft companies in the industry; we want the performance and quality of Airsoft to grow and consider all of our customers to be part of that mission with the support they give us.

Umbrella Armory is dedicated towards providing higher end performance with no compromise in Airsoft Period. Our philosophy is high performance and reliability does not need to be a decision to make, but a promise we can offer.    

About TItan Power
Airsoft battery technology has long rested on the developments of the larger RC/Hobby industry R&D. Titan Power changed that by being the only manufacturers to develop improved batteries designed for an Airsoft AEG system. The only Airsoft battery made in the USA with a full 1 year warranty.

Bringing almost 3 times the Compared to the Li-Po 2000mAh (Butterfly Style) battery regular players use. High performance ready Li-Ion batteries for Airsoft; with a faster cycle time than the traditional Li-Po counterpart with less voltage sag. Titan Power batteries can hold a charge for months and still be ready to use on game day. These packs can also be charged over 300 times and still store 80% of its original capacity. They are part of your kit, not a consumables!

Not available for International Shipping. USA Customers only via the Umbrella Armory webshop:  

  • Apr 26, 2020
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