European stock levels Version 7.0 back to normal levels

Hopefully you are doing all well!

As you might have noticed, our current stock status in Europe returned back to normal levels. We received a big shipment for Europe last week. Pallets of Titan batteries and chargers, ready for you! Version 7 is a big worldwide succes, we are committed to greatly improve availability in Europe. We are proud to manufacture in the USA, and so we are able to continue business as usual.

Check our website to see latest inventory status and easily order online.

We are the only USA produced Airsoft battery! We are NOT China made. This has many benefits. One of them is we exist just to make airsoft batteries and are obsessed with doing so. We keep going, and we keep you going!

Happy to power your game! #poweryourgame

  • Apr 23, 2020
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