Featured in Airsoft Action Magazine!

We are proud to be featured in the nr. #1 Airsoft magazine, Airsoft Action Magazine Jan 2020 issue. An extensive review and testing shows the great performance of our Li-Ion batteries for Airsoft. Nice coverage in a two page article, where RWA UK added a nice full page ad!

Read the latest issue of the magazine online here: https://www.airsoft-action.online/ Some interesting quotes from the review: 

"They've been used on a huge variety of AEG's and they have, simply puy, just delivered each and every time."

"The sheer capacity is a huge tick in the plus column, but so is their resistance to damage from being over discharged. No more wondering if your battery is knackered when the gun stops firing is quite a liberating feeling as you know it will be fine!"

  • Jan 04, 2020
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