Shout out to Rock Bottom Airsoft

Here is a shoutout to Rock Bottom Airsoft. A rather new and small YouTube channel from Scotland, started in Jan 2021. They did some great work on battery reviews and infield testing of also Titan Power battery packs for Airsoft. They are not sponsored but are really enthusiastic about our battery packs for Airsoft. They did test the 2 cell 7.4v nunchuck 3000mAh with T-Plug in the field and really would recommend our product! 

Head over to Rock Bottom Airsoft and check their feedback, at 11:45 they start talking about the Titan Power pack. Enjoy and give them a like/subscribe

Rock Bottom Airsoft impressions on the 7.4 3000mAh nunchuck 2-cell Airsoft battery pack.
  • Apr 06, 2021
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