Specna Arms recommends Titan Batteries

Nico_oprt01 is testing the Titan Li-Ion 7,4V 3000mAh Stick Battery. The pictures sure look impressive, and we hope you will enjoy that set Nico. The batteries have been very well received and the SA Ambassadors are raving about them. As of today Specna Arms officially recommends our Titan Power batteries for their Airsoft AEGs! 

"Many times you ask us about batteries for our replicas. In good conscience, we can recommend TITAN batteries. They are available in various models, and the majority of them fit into stock tubes of SA carbines." - Specna Arms

Thanks for the support! And to all Specna Arms users, we are happy to #PowerYourGame .

Welcome on board! Btw did you know brands like KWA, RWA, VFC UK, Krytac, EMG, Wolverine and Umbrella also happily recommend Titan Batteries? Give it a try yourself!

  • Jul 02, 2020
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