Titan is 100% made in the USA

Titan was started in 2015 to bring the most advanced Lithium Ion batteries and other power technologies to the world of Remote Controlled Aircraft, UAVs, Airsoft, and other applications of high energy density cells. Our headquarters and new product development team has always been located in the beautiful state of Arkansas in the middle of the United States, but until recently we've been producing our products in Shenzhen, China.

During the infancy of Titan, our product development team worked very closely with a manufacturer in Shenzhen to make our products exactly to our spec. That team allowed us to have a phenomenal product through 5 different versions of improvements over the period of our first year in airsoft. But although that's 5 times more than most of our competitors have improved their batteries, we wanted more.

The idea to create our own manufacturing facility in the USA was brought up during a phone call in the summer of 2019. In just three short months of research, development, and testing, Titan was producing 100% in the USA. Made in the USA is more than just patriotism, it’s more than cost savings, it allows us to rapidly innovate and maintain the strictest quality assurance. Our engineers and production team are at the same desks to ensure constant feedback and improvements.

To compete with prices in China while still improving quality, consistency, and inventory availability, we use in house designed and produced robots to achieve 99.9% tolerance during manufacturing and allow our battery engineers to focus on the most challenging stages of production.

Titan Robots used for production

We go to the extreme to achieve the highest performance like creating our own proprietary alloy for our battering wiring, and uses the highest quality wiring that flexes and returns to its original shape, without cracking insulation or damaging wiring, giving the pack hundreds of safe charges (and hundreds of sometimes less than gentle placements inside airsoft devices).

Titan new packaging and wiring

We hope that our passion and love for this stuff shines through some of these posts, and hope that when you see Matt, Ronald, or any of the guys on the field that our involvement speaks highly about the care we put into the products for all of us to use!

  • Nov 01, 2019
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