Titan Power 2020 Version 7.0 Product Line Announcement

Hi my name is Trent, I'm the president a chief engineer here at Titan, and today I'd like to talk to you about 2020. What is Titan is doing different this year? We're really excited to talk about the new product line, new production location, and all sorts of really cool stuff, so here we go!

As always all of our batteries come with a one-year, no questions asked warranty, our batteries don't puff like a lithium polymer, they don't have any memory or any fading effects like a nickel metal hydride, they've always had great capacity, sometimes two to five times the capacity of any other battery in the same size...

So what's different in 2020? Well, the biggest change is that we are here... in the United States. We've always been designed in the US, but starting in the summer of 2019 we moved all of our production to America and so now we are entirely built, designed, quality-assurance, shipped... everything from this room here in Idaho.

And because if this, now we can improve faster than ever before and finally add performance- specifically rate of fire, with a different, better cell, and an upgraded wiring harness setup.

There's basically two parts of a battery- the cell that stores energy, and the wiring that takes the energy from the battery to your AEG. We've improved our battery from a 2600 mAh cell to a 3000 mAh cell. That cell not only has more capacity but has a higher discharge rate. Adding to this the second component is wiring- all the the things that takes all the energy from the battery to your rifle that has been dramatically improved. That's an important thing because if it bends and stays in its position or if it cracks or strips that wiring is just creating more resistance, and eventually could short or give out. Our wiring doesn't do any of that. I know that sounds like a little thing but that really does affect a lot of performance and it's just one of those things that we do at Titan to make just our packs the best they can be

So how much improved? This is our version 7, so as name suggests we've gone through six iterations of our batteries in the past (if you look on our batteries they'll have a little version number, 1-7 in this case). Version 7 has twice the discharge rate improvement of all the prior versions- combined. It's a dramatic improvement for Titan, we've tested v7 against lithium-polymer packs of the same size and we've noticed that they now equal or beat lithium-polymer packs in rate of fire and trigger response. 

We were actually trying to make the best lithium-ion battery, just for lithium ion, and as we made our pack better and better we thought "hey, just out of curiosity what does it do against a lithium polymer for rate of fire?" So we tested it and realized we were almost there. We made a few more changes (one of the benefits of being made in the United States is we can change rapidly) and in just a week we were able to meet or beat a lithium polymer of the same size.

What makes Titan the best, in our humble opinion, is the  equal or higher rate of fire, trigger response, the most capacity, the longest game time, the smallest diameter of a lithium-ion cell, the best connectors, all of our our wiring, UN 38.3 certified and DOT 49 CFR certified, designed and built in the United States

We can finally build a battery that has the performance. the reliability. and the capacity needed so that a battery is now a part of your kit- not a consumable.

We're also announcing Titan Power Academy, a video series close to weekly to cover a variety of topics, like a C-rating, how to take care of your batteries, common misconceptions, etc.

If you go to a local field or a local shop and you don't see a Titan pack, let them know that we have distributors in many two locations throughout the world and we want to get Titan in as many locations as possible, so encourage them to contact us or contact a distributor.

As always you can get our products at www.gettitanpower.com in the United States, or www.titanpower.eu in Europe- we can ship all over the world.

I just can't tell you excited we are to be a part of the game, to be a part of your game, and we're just really obsessed with airsoft and really obsessed with batteries, as you can probably tell. 

Okay- that's all the updates we have for today. Thanks for watching and/or reading! Take care! 

  • Feb 01, 2020
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