KRYTAC Vector AEG Battery Extended Cap

Product Code: 7012 - KRYTAC Vector AEG Battery Extended Cap

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Increase the space in the battery compartment of your Krytac Kriss Vector thanks to this Krytac Kriss Vector battery extension unit. With this extended cap our Titan 7.4V 3000mAh stick battery will fit!

The battery extension unit replaces the existing grip cover of your Krytac Vector AEG and simply clicks into place, providing 19 mm of extra space for batteries.

This Krytac Kriss Vector battery extension unit is made of sturdy polymer and contains an official Kriss marking. 

Weight: 16 g
Shipping weight: 20 g

A great fitment solution for your Titan Li-ion batteries. Try our 7.4V stick battery with your Krytac Vector AEG. Manage your cables, because it's a tight fit but it will fit! While you are at it, also consider a PERUN mosfet for the Vector, and the AirTech or Prometheus speed triggers.

We love this platform, enjoy! Do know the Limited Edition already comes with this Battery Extended Cap!

    Compatible with these Titan batteries